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Among My Latest Treasures


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Thanks guys. :)

Maybe Bob or someone will know for sure but I'm guessing this is all from 1931.

There are also 3 two-panel Big Time Marbles comics from 1932.

Is there a "Big Time Marbles" box or am I getting confused with something else now? Maybe I'm thinking of something from Peltier. *dunno*

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Found the box. It has the April 1931 episode on it.


Says Akro on one end of the box and No. 115 on the other end. (At least another box which looks about the same except for different damage said that.)

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Interesting . . . the bag looks too big for the box and the marbles are obviously wrong but it's a cool box. Do you think it might have been a prize in an associated contest - perhaps a comic sheet applied over the cover of a regular No. 115 . . . if there are regular #115s?

I went out to answer my own question and found this:


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I thought I remembered reading Boy's Life as a kid,

but wasn't sure enough not to look it up.


Son of a gun if they're not still around!

Can't help thinking that it's pretty impressive they've

managed to maintain a publication for so long that

gets a 'thumbs up' from both parents and young people. ( :

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And now I have more copies of the first two episodes -- this time in the January and February 1931 issues of American Boy. Or more specifically "The Youth's Companion combined with American Boy". <3

So neat how dedicated Akro was to advertising. Packaging and branding was Akro's business from the beginning, and we have a lot of history because of their advertising savvy. Thank you, Akro, in spite of Horace Hill. :)

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