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What Says You? Australia On The Tag.

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I think it was made in china as well. The label had for sale in Australia sticker over the upc scanner. Most I have seen like this are more on the outer edge and or surface. Not so much within the center? I would like to see some other examples if at all possible. Thanks Mike

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Hey great that you had a picture! But, not the top of the header....

Oh well, let's do some detective work - not many clues but here is a Sharpshooter bag from Australia. The bag and style of header (including base paper color) look similar. The ones that I have and have seen are with Vacors in them and all (8) look the style and header. Here's a picture of front and back of one. All have the bar code and 'Made in Mexico' on the back side of tgh header. Too bad we can't see if there is anything on that back side that is showing.

However, Sharpshooter may have also bought marbles from China and packaged them this way but I have never seen such a package.



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