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Swiss Army Knife


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Here's a link to something totally ridiculous just for the fun of it.

Although some of you might want to look around at the more normal stuff, too.

I had a really good nostalgic time checking out all the varieties.

To this day I've never owned one of these things.

But as a kid, they were one of those esoteric items that

you dreamed about, without really expecting to ever have one.

You never really lose your soft spot for stuff like that. ( :


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O . . . . . . . . . M . . . . . . . . . G

I always wanted a swiss army knife too, and then I found one in my desk in my office at school, and I had no idea how it got there. Did the old occupant of the office stick it in the back of the drawer and forget it, and then did it take years to work up to the front of the drawer where I found it ... or did the janitor find it and just put it in my drawer (we had a cool janitor) ... or what .... ????

So eneeway I have one now.

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I first saw the giant knife on a television show about 'gadgets'.

It was described as a "thousand dollar Swiss Army knife".

Turns out the show was from 2008, and those of you who checked

out the link may have noticed that the price is now $2149.95.

Obviously this knife is a no-brainer investment which easily

stays ahead of inflation! So if I were you, I'd click on that 'add to

cart' button as soon as possible, while the price is still so reasonable! :rolleye-842:

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HA! Those are hilarious!

(Definite 'nerdnip', a word I didn't know which Ric brought up recently,

and this gives me a chance to say "HA!" to him as well.)

Going to have to be honest and say that I'm really not sure if the USB

knifedrive is a joke or not, since nothing surprises me anymore.

And you're right about the other one. It's a finely-tuned balance of

pushing it to the hilt but not quite going over. ( :

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I prepared and ate many a meal with one of these crazy things when I was a kid.


It was actually kinda tricky. Eventually I got one of those detachable knife/fork/spoon combos, which was much more convenient.

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