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Pow Wow Sure Shot Marbles, 1933


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Is there one company which would have been more likely to have 18 marbles in their bag than another?

My guess before today would have been Peltier, possibly as jobbered by Rosenthal. And as of today, my Rosenthal guess is a little firmer. In December of 1931 Rosenthal advertised "Sure-Shot Glass Marbles" as "Special Numbers for Jobbers". The bag pictured is the double compartment one Berry Pink patented, which has more than 18 marbles.

But is that wishful thinking? Did multiple companies sell 18 marbles per bag?

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I don't list by # of marbles but one came to mind right away - a Hop Ching bag with 18 noted on the header. You had posted a MM Ritzy bag ad back in 2009 that mentions bags coming in 13 or 18 marbles. I also found an odd mesh bag with "18 Good Luck Marbles". Here's pics.





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