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Hello everyone, my name is Jeff Franke, I have been collecting marbles for nearly 30yrs, mostly handmades! I work for a company that makes railroad track equipment and I travel all over the world putting it in service. I look forward to being able to add to the growth of this wonderful hobby!

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Hey Jeff!

So what's up with the railroad tracks on the Eastern Seaboard?

I used to travel between D.C., New York, and Boston forty years ago

on the fast trains, and it was the tracks that were limiting their speed.

Now we have at least some improved tracks, and fancy 'leaning' trains,

but the top speed hasn't really changed all that much. What gives?

I'm just 'going off' and you don't have to respond to this, since it

probably isn't all your fault. Welcome aboard. :rolleye-842:

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