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Cool Old Proto-Cars


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Here are a couple pictures of a Firebird II.

(That was supposed to be a Roman numeral two,

but the default font here doesn't do that very well.)

As you can see from the captioning, this particular

tv show thinks of it as 'aircraft-like'. Which is pretty

ridiculous, when it's obviously more of a 'shark'.

Especially when you look at the third picture, which

is a Firebird I. This is clearly aircraft-inspired.

Any other features don't really matter. It's all in the fin/rudders! ( :




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I have no idea.

And I can't check back to that program, since Windows

Media Center in '7' has no form of 'recycle bin' and I've

already deleted it. This is probably because the television

files are somewhat sizable, and for most people it's smart

to delete them as soon as you're done watching them.

But there should still be a recycle bin option which allows

you to choose how much disk space you want to dedicate.

I didn't mean to get on my soap box. Never mind! ( :

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