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Ladies Touch Run At Sammy's Mountain Marbles

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Here are a few of the marbles made today at Sammy's Mountain Marbles. Sammy has decided to stop making investor marbles for groups. He may in the future continue to make machine made marbles and market them himself. David McCullough will continue to make marbles with the marble Buddies and all of us should look for changes in the future.


The marbles I am showing are just a few of the families made today. We used a lot of lutz and some will be posted when we've had time to arrive home and rest up.


I like the turquoise marble near the bottom.

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Lots of brightly colored marbles, all made by Dave McCullough today.


Pretty reds!

Good time today making marbles. We used a lot of lutz, but these are marbles pulled off the rollers to show tonight and I didn't pull any with lutz.


We did not use colored frit or colorized mica today.

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