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Peltier Pool Balls

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I have a bunch with numbers on them like a pool set. But they are mk and peewees

I will find out what these are and where from eventually. Most I see have lines or circles where the numbers are.

These have a star style pattern that may help me differentiate them from others and helping, at least I hope, me narrow down a maker and date.

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I don't know about Peltier. Mike (migbar) would know about that, if anyone does. But I do know that Akro produced pool balls -- there are glass formulas specifically for pool balls in Henry Hellmer's batch book. Looks like they were for export, best as I remember. (I'll check tonight)

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OK, I checked, although not too deeply. A few formulas have the notation "Used for pool balls" next to them ((greenish blue, royal blue, navy blue, turquoise blue) while others (more) have "For export and pool ball marbles" (turquise blue, green, lavender).

Hellmers was pretty precise in all of his notations, so it may be significant that he seems to distinguish "pool balls" from "pool ball marbles." Were full-sized pool balls ever made from glass? Not something I know anything about . . .

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