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Akro Thumb Pots?

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Hi I picked these up the other day, thinking I could use hem as stands. I later discovered that they may be manufactured by either akro or alley ( they are unmarked) the black one is "Black Amethist" I picked up the limeade "popeye" from the same flea market vendor (paid less than 5 bucks for everything) what do you all think?ty. Rb




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Hi! the three you show are all Akro. the ones marked the braun and corwin are Alley. the differences, alley marked, akro not. also the Akro thumb pots are a little more taperd down from ribs to base. Do you want to sell or trade the black one?


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More of the Alley thumb pots have no marking at all than ones which have Braun and Corwin on the bottom. You can tell the difference by the more swirled glass in the Alleys,also the Alleys are a little less quality than Akro. If you take close measurments they are different.

Since you are not selling the thumb pots they usually sell for about $15.00-$30.00 each. A Great deal ! I just recently went to the Akro convention and Akroware auction. There were several thumbpots in the auction Akro and Alley and none sold for less than $15.00 up to $30.00 . Plus yours do not have the hole knocked out of the bottom. That can decrease the value with some collectors.

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Here's a picture with akro on the ends, alley in the middle. you can see the difference in the shapes. the alley is a little chunkier than the akro.

the akros here are fluorescent with oxblood.


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The easiest way to identify the differance between an akro,and an alley thumb pot is to measure the bottom.Im not talking about the glass ring on the bottom,that the pot sits on.

Alley pots measure,just under 15/16th dia.

Akro thumb pots measure slighly over 3/4 dia.

Most alley thumb pots have texturing,and rougher mold line on the bottom.I want to say,a less refined finish than the akro pots.

I say most,because on a rare occasion I have seen rough akro pots,and smoother alleys,but in most it holds true about the texture.

As far as alley pots being "signed",Id give it a 50/50 braun /corwin or no markings.

Probably about the same with the akro,,50/50 marked with akro logo and many with nothing or just a mold number.

Im always in the market for thumb pots,even if its Rons leftovers!---LOL

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