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Adventures In Spontaneous Cuisine


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The internet is a wondrous thing.

You can buy a strange food for the first time from that little Asian market around the corner -- yes, before tonight I was a bok choy virgin.

Then google it up and find out which parts are edible and how to prepare it -- pretty much all edible, but cook the stalk longer than the leaves, the latter to be cooked just until they look wilted.

And presto change-o yum.

Instant pad-thai-in-a-cup with stir fried bok choy. *two thumbs up*

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Ha! Twenty-nine and never been bok-choyed! :D

I'm glad you mentioned that stuff.

It's one of the ingredients in my life-enhancing vegetable stew,

which I haven't made in a long time and am probably in dire need of.

(Chop up every vegetable you can possibly think of, but mostly cabbage

and bok-choy, throw in a big pot with boiling water, and cook all day long covered on very low heat.)

Don't get me wrong here.

You can also add a moderate pile of chopped or ground meat. (I usually do.)

Get that a little sizzly browned before throwing it in the pot.

But the long slow cook really brings out the vegetable flavor the most, so the name sticks.

D'oh! Never thought of stir frying it. Will have to try to do something with that. ( :

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You realize the header abbreviation of this topic is "Adventures in Spontaneous C."

So I got all worked up wondering what the heck you were gonna do with "Adventures in Spontaneous Combustion."

Needless to say I was disappointed.


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Ann reminded me that I was also considering the possibility

of some combination of marbles and plastic explosive for a second!

But I wound up enjoying the actual topic, so I'm going to give it a '10'.

(You're batting .500, which is of course awesome!) :P

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