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Marble Identification Help Required

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Hi Matt. Welcome. Frankly I do not recognize that marble. Hopefully someone else will.

The view with three copies above isn't opening for me. It opened though in the thread in the Buy Sell Trade forum, so here's the link to that one for anyone else who wants to check it out.


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That's better. :)

Hmmm ... I just don't recognize it. Not as an antique handmade I'm familiar with, not as a machine-made type I know of, not as a modern handmade type I'm familiar with.

Mystery to me.

Is it for sure glass?

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I still have no idea. Two things which occurred to me are

(1) the kind of resin ball which some occasionally confuse with gutta percha, and

(2) a hardened rubber ball.

But I really, really don't know, so I'm going to button my mouth now and wait to hear from others. :D

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