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How Do You Take Your Marbles?


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Alternate title - 'You Want Fries With That?'

For the first time in four or five years I just 'swapped out' the marbles I have

staring back at me from my monitor stand all day long.

As you can see from this rather harsh-looking snapshot, nothing major has taken place.

(Although the JABO oxblood and aventurine marbles are a noteworthy run in my humble opinion.)


This change got me thinking. I was very comfortable with the 'old' marbles. I liked having them there.

But I'm enjoying the new ones too. Huh! A 'can't lose' situation! How many of those do you get?

Maybe this is part of the overall 'power' of marbles.

I'm beginning to think that maybe all the different approaches different marble people have are 'all good'.

The marbles themselves create our reactions to them, so there are no worries.

The strategies of online bidding are intriguing.

The 'man vs. nature' challenge of digging is deeply ingrained.

If you think marbles are meant to be played with, that's what you should do.

If you enjoy admiring a piece of marble perfection in a hermetically-sealed case, that's great too!

And there're a million other things to do in the middle! How cool is that? B)

P.S. I'm in a rare good, almost giddy, mood.

Please do not respond to this post in any sort of a negative way or I will

turn back into my normal crotchety old fart 'the world is going to hell' self. :angry:

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Mine are all under glass and my 3 cats in the house can admire, but not play with them. Sometimes I drop new machine mades that I have in abundance and let them play. Cats are not my biggest problem handling marbles. it's the people who clink the marbles together. I cringe. So, I keep them under glass and hand them one by one to a looker.

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