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Rather Strange Marble


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I got an email from a woman in Germany who picked up this marble. It seems to be an English swirl, but somehow it looks "unfinished". Only a part of the marble is clearly visible, the rest seems to be in a rough "coat". But it looks like the marble was made on purpose this way. Has anyone seen a marble like this or could anyone tell me how such a marble could be made ? Does a marble look that rough before it is polished ? So could it be, that just a part of this marble was polished on purpos after the making ? Or was something put on the marble after it was made ?

I am absolutely clueless :(

Thanks for your help.







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Hey, Ron!

This is a very interesting marble. I like it!

I didn't post before because I wanted to let someone respond who might be able to

give you some good information. But it looks like we're all, also, clueless! ( :

Please let us know if you find the story behind this.

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Lol, probably the blind leading the blind but here are a couple thoughts

A) If it were abrasion you'd normally expect wear/abrasion to have uniform coverage ie: sea glass. Seems odd that the 'clear' seems to follow the pattern (last pic) from pole to pole,

B- Or, maybe marble cane was exposed to some serious heat(?) on the bottom and sides, leaving the top non-affected. Twisting the cane into a marble could explain why the clear glass follows the twist of the pattern. But could the bottom and sides of a marble cane be heated that quick without impacting the top as well? Doubt it.

C) Some type of contamination on the rounding bowl- dew/dust/donkeydirt that left it's mark on most of the surface but eventually burned away or was wiped off. But it would have to roll a certain way for the clear to remain.

D) Another possibility (which could be the easiest explanation) is someone took a paintbrush, a damaged marble, and gave it a swath of resin pole to pole that followed the pattern. Although from what I see in the pics I highly doubt this is the case

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Hey, thanks for all your inputs. But if it was just heat the clears "window" would not "follow" the pattern, would it ? I thinkt that's the strange thing, otherwise I would have thought it is just some kind of damage. And I don't think it is a marble that was worked on later. The market for marbles in Germany is just to small for this.

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