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With A Name Like Marbledude

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Let me give credit where credit is due. I've had many blow outs with many sellers. Fortunately, many of those were willing to make amends and we are able to have civilized dealings. Dave McCullough, Rick Hall, Steve Sturtz, Russ Kasmar, and many more. If any seller thinks they have a big grievance with me, they should know they are small peanuts in comparison to the fore mentioned sellers, in spite of any and all other opinions.

Yes, I've ranted. Yes, I'm a bit pissed off. Sometimes...at three in the morning, my daily perusal of ebay can be really aggravating. If I've offended anyone, I apologize. Like I said, we all make mistakes. To those who contact me when I make a mistake, thank you. To those who can take some critique, you're a gem in a field of debris. I'm always open to take the high road if we can walk it together. Happy Holidays.

To the others, go on and cry to the moderators of this board.

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I'm so sick of seeing this kind of drama in every marble forum I visit. In this case we have an admitted eBay Troll "my daily perusal of ebay" that is pissed because a seller blocked him and is associating another sellers listing to him.

Do you think your doing sellers a favor by trolling on their auctions or have you been elected eBay marble police by the marble community?

It's obvious that you don't apply your daily perusal of eBay on your own character.

There are a lot of scumbag sellers out there ripping people off daily and taking advantage of new collectors, but this post shows your lack of integrity by associating an auction listing with a seller that blocked you and crying out loud like a little child. Please stop the cry baby antics and look in mirror once in a while.

No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.
Abraham Lincoln
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On 12/27/2014 at 9:39 PM, lstmmrbls said:

I just can't believe you know the difference between the Kokomo run and New Decade (LOL)

And they even closed and changed the 06 Jabo listing

It only took me five years to see this. You mean these?

Yeah, exactly the same. The real laugh is I was lied to, cheated and robbed before I loaded my first case box. Those who laugh last...well, you know. The last dozen or so case boxes I have, I have no money invested. Not so sure I could have said that about Kokomo. Though the run was a disappointment, overall I prefer them to Madyia, Joker Ox, Marley, Joker Fall Harvest, Joker Dark Knights, Eagles...and about another six, or more runs. The diversity is much better than another six, so overall, I did okay in spite of everything.


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