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3X Akro Agate Corkscrew ???


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Found this 3 marbles from +/- 1 inch in good condition in the Netherlands (be awake of foreign marbles)

Look like 2x Akro Corkscrew Ace and one Corksrew Prize Name.

What is your opnion?

Found the marbles in a bag full of most Japanese Transitionals, 1 Handmake Lat.Core and opaque swilrl's



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For Akro, the Moss Agates came in patches, corks and swirly almost corks.

Aces and Prize Names were a different kind of marble -- and pretty sure Aces didn't come that big. Collectors sometimes blur the names these days.

Here are some big Moss Agates in their box.





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Just as eggie,i also thought Moss agates are a type of Patch,maybe i'm wrong i'm Dutch too and don't know much about American marbles LOL.

Steph are you sure the marbles in the box are Moss agates,to me they look more like Ades??

Eggie nice find!!

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Yes, the "moss" is the base glass, described in some ads as being like "moonstone".

The Ades are Moss Agates. Ades is the collector name for them.

Akro sold them as Moss Agates and was very proud of them. To some of us "moss agate" means "boring patch" ... but that's not how it was then. Moss Agates were some of Akro's most expensive marbles -- the featured part of their line.

For a time Moss Agates were advertised as having "exquisite patterns". Patches don't have "exquisite patterns". That ad had to be written about swirly or corky ones.

Collectors now call them Aces and Ades. And I call the Ades "Ades" myself. I just have a hard time calling some of them Aces because Akro actually used the name Ace and used it for a different marble. ... and because other than the blue ones I've never been quite sure which marbles collectors were calling Aces. ;)

Akro didn't call any marbles Ades, so I'm fine with that one as a collector's name. And definitely they're not Prize Names. The white glass of prize names would be opaque.

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That makes sense. I could/should try to remember that definition. I WILL try to remember that definition.

I can't seem to get it to stick in my brain because that space of filled up by what Akro called Aces. I SHOULD be able to remember that though.

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