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'sweetie Pie's' Mac And Cheese


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I was going to say that this post is 'for no particular reason'.

But that wouldn't be entirely honest.

Actually I just noticed that there have been no (zilch, zip, nada) posts in

the 'Lounge' area for a period which has just exceeded two full days.

A situation like this completely disrupts what little equilibrium I have in my life. :blink:

Earlier today I found myself watching an episode of '30-Minute Meals' with Rachael Ray.

Don't know how. I don't watch any of her stuff. Didn't think I 'liked' her.

Huh! And 'Whaddayouknow?' She was totally charming, and I was enthralled.

This may in part be due to her somewhat 'New Yorky' accent and attitude.

Because of where I grew up, there's always going to be a part of me which

believes that this is what a real woman sounds like.

She also prepared the best looking macaroni and cheese I'd ever seen.

Wanted to post that video, but couldn't find it on 'The Tube'.

(If anyone wants to take up the challenge and try to find it,

it's not the episode with the 'mac and cheese and ham', although

that looked pretty good too.)

But I did remember another charming woman.

Robbie Montgomery, aka 'Sweetie Pie'.

And she also once made the best looking mac and cheese I'd ever seen.

Was able to find that video, so here it is.

For those of you who don't know this lady, way-back-when she was one of

the backup singers with Ike and Tina Turner.

She's now 'famous' again because of the food she's been making available

to the public for many years.

Apparently, there's absolutely no point in being anywhere near St. Louis if

you don't make a point of giving her restaurant a try.

Maybe if Galen makes his trip to Annapolis for the lobster rolls, he could veer

off the straight-line approach a little and give us a review of this place. ( :


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Dang. That does sound really good.

Can you vary the amount of 'heat' to suit individual tastes, like you can with the wings?

It's hard to do a good job making the classic stuff spicy, but with that flavor I bet it could work well.

And is there any blue-cheese flavor involved?

For some people that might be insanely great! ( :

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