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It's probably been in the back of my mind somewhere for decades that I'd like to try the kind of razor that 'Dear Old Dad' used. But I've never acted on the thought. Please note that this is different from the kind that 'Grand Dad' used, which I'd be scared to get anywhere near.

For several years I've been using one of those funky razors with the two dozen fuel-injected blades. Or something like that. It was a gift, and I finally wore out the last of the pack of cartridges that came with it. So one of my errands today was to get a new pack. I have to admit that I had a very mild case of 'sticker shock' when I found what I needed. Something along the lines of jumping up and down, pulling my hair out, and screaming "ARE YOU BLEEPING BLEEPING ME?"

The security guards moved a little closer, but still kept their distance. They'd probably seen this before.

So I looked a little more at the overall selection and noticed this razor. Pretty much the same as Dad's, and it's being endorsed by a guy I know I've seen somewhere. More importantly, he has a shaved head! If anyone knows a good razor, it's this guy! (And his name's 'Harrison'!) Somehow I just trust him. B)

And the nice looking razor plus twelve blades was less money than my replacement blades.


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I really don't know what the time-line is for our progression from the 'double-edge' or 'safety' razor to our more modern alternatives.

The DE (as it's sometimes referred to in serious shaving discussion groups) certainly held its own for many decades.

There seems to be a resurgence of popularity lately. It sounds like this has come about because of either/both reduced long-term expense, and an overall improved shave for some people.

It should be noted, that from what I've read, the DE requires a little more care and commitment when shaving. You need to be relaxed and take your time. Those lucky so-and-so's who occasionally find themselves getting a late-night 'booty call' after having had a couple drinks should probably have one of the modern wham-bam no-worries razors available.

Also, from what I've seen, the 'resurgence' is generally directed at men's needs, although there's certainly no reason that many women wouldn't appreciate a less expensive superior shave as well. I'm guessing that this may be because most of us guys were just so darned 'proud' when we saw that 'first whisker' that we've never gotten over it. We like the overall process, and going 'retro' with it is very appealing to male 'hipsters'.

Although if you check out 'classic' razors for sale, you'll find that there have been ladies' razors of the old type available since day 1. Which all use the same DE blade available today. Apparently, these were designed to be less 'aggressive' and more suitable for softer hair and skin and the more convenient 'long-strokes' approach. ( :

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There is actually a decent market for vintage razors in this style. I find them often at estate sales. I have tried them myself and they seem to get a slightly closer shave for me, and the lack of whatever strips above the blades, it is better in tough spots.

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The safety razors with double edged blades were standard from the 1920's to the 60's, I think. Houses constructed in that time period often had built in medicine cabinets in the bathroom, with a slot inside to safely dispose of the blades inside the wall.

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Hee-hee! You're right!

That's part of the 'shaving with Dad' experience I wasn't remembering.

Our old apartment in NYC definitely had that.

He taught me that that's what you do with them.

And that brings up the good idea that people in more modern dwellings

who want to check out this kind of shaving shouldn't toss them away casually.

Think how dangerous they could be loose in your trash.

Oh for the love of.... I can't believe it. I've never used the medicine cabinet where I

live now. A hot steamy environment's no place for medicine, so I never really thought about it.

Just took a look, and guess what? Hang on a minute. Have to get a picture. ( :


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Did a little research on my razor today, and found out a couple things. One is very important.

Do not purchase it online from the TV commercial's site! Apparently this is fraught with peril!

I won't go into details, but basically just about every possible bad thing that can happen with

this sort of transaction will. Including all the traditional rip-off extra charges.

Find it at your local drugstore, where it'll only set you back an even twenty bucks.

Also, the store-bought version comes with this nice chrome stand, which is heftier

than you'd expect and pretty decent. You get this instead of the so-called 'travel case',

which seems like a pretty good trade to me.


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Gawd. Never thought of what a 'demo' nightmare that could be.

Separate from the multiple laceration potential, most of the blades

were probably wet originally and possibly other times after that.

So tetanus and who knows what else also becomes a concern.

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