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Ranting And Raving From Bob


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Ha-ha! Of course I was kidding with the title! I never do that!

So let me start off by assuring all my friends here that I'm not going to make even a single

mention of corporate greed and the completely moronic belief that profits can be made to

increase ad infinitum destroying the very fabric of civilized society!

But I would like to ask you something. Is it my addled brain deceiving me, or is there a tiny,

almost imperceptible, difference between the dough/meat ratio on the label of my Dollar Tree

canned tamales and the actual product? :unsure:


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Byproducts? How could you suggest such a thing? :P

Getting some free stuff sounds pretty good to me.

They really weren't so bad.

They just reminded me of the classic 'Duffy' signature quote. ( :

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