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Hello From Texas


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Hello everybody. I've been into marbles since I was a child, I'm not a long time collector, but have recently gotten into collecting for the past few years. I'm mostly into Jabo/handmade contemporary marbles but enjoy collecting all sorts of marbles. My collection is probably nowhere near as extensive and some fellow forum members, but I love it. :wub:

I really enjoy reading all the topics on the forum and trying to educate myself to better help me identify what kind of marbles I have and what kind of marbles I want to add to my collection.

Anyways, glad to have joined this site and I hope to stick around for a long time to come. :)

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I must admit, there is so much more insightful info on here than Facebook!

Well, pull up a chair!

We HAVE had some very interesting discussions this year. Wander through the Archives . . . and check Steph's Study Hall. I still periodically do both.

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