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Priceless Skin-Care Tip!


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Ha! Sounded like 'spam', didn't it?

Well I'm kind of hurt by your reaction. Would I do that to you?

Here's the real deal, and if I'm suddenly 'no longer with us' in the near-future,

it's because the skin-care people didn't take kindly to my sharing the 'truth' with my friends.

Stop 'drying yourself off'! Yep. That's all there is to it.

Let yourself 'air-dry'! Won't cost you a dime.

Can you think of any good reason not to let the two most valuable elements in the world 'work together'?

I know what you're thinking. Bob's already crazy enough the rest of the time, and right now it's Saturday

night and he's probably in one of his 'good moods'. Fair enough!

So give this a try. Go wash your face right now. Let the excess rinse water drip into the sink, but resist

the temptation to reach for a towel. It will probably be more difficult than you think. Old habits die hard.

I'm certain that in 5 to 10 minutes you'll 'feel' results better than any expensive 'spa facial'.

What have you got to lose? (My attorney has just advised me that I need to let you know

that I'm not responsible if your face 'falls off'. But don't worry! It'll never happen!) :D

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All I know is that I've been jumping into the Severn River and letting myself air-dry for a long time now.

I'm 56 years old, and think I look pretty good!

My attorney has just advised me that by legal standards this photo of me is 'dated'.

Sorry about that. Time goes by so quickly! I was probably only 53 or 54 at the time. :)


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ah what you say has validity Bob. I dear friend of mine, in her 70's, has beautiful almost wrinkle free skin. her secret? she says it water, and lots of it. she only pats her skin dry, but drinks at least a gallon of water a day. She used to sell high end cosmetics. her take is, if you are not hydrated and your skin isn't hydrated, the most expensive creams in the world are not going to do much for you. Shes living proof, I swear. (love the picture BTW)

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