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George Sourlis Posters


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I've been wanting to start a thread with George's posters but have been putting it off because, well, you know me and picture taking.

But here's one I had in digital form. So I'll use it to launch the thread and hopefully will be able to take okay photos of his other posters later.

Peltier Comic Marbles:


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No prob Steph.

I had the opportunity to look through George's binders and saw a very unusual Peltier add for --- if I remember correctly -- Peltier "Smilies" .

It was a green box with yellow marbles pictured on the face. Anyone know anything about these?

I never saw this before and am quite curious.....


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That's one of the three (fantasy) Pelt Smileys boxes that Art Jones made and sold a few years ago. He made a fourth one without the artwork on the box, which he kept for himself. But then he decided (wonderful man) to send it to me.

I know where mine is, and I know where two of the three others are. But I don't know where the other one is, or if the person who has it knows what it is . . .

If anyone wants the full story on where Art got the marbles, etc., say so and I can tell you . . . (but right now I have to go back to work . . .)

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Next poster

U. S. Marble Company Time Lines & Connections


This one came with multiple parts, including a table listing who designed or built the machines for each company. Let's try out the gallery links to see how those work:

Marble Companies Pt2

Marble Companies Pt3

Marble Companies Pt4

Sorry my pictures are dark -- which you might not have noticed if I hadn't said. I need to learn how to use software to brighten them.
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Need to take another picture of this one. The cats were curious so I went with the first shot. Settings need to be tweaked and I need to steady the camera. Enjoy anyway. :)

Master Marble Company at the 1933-34 World's Fair


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