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And In The Category Of " What Was I Thinking? "


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I have so much goofy stuff around the house which I need to get rid of so we can get the quantity down to manageable levels for the move.

First installment of "What was I thinking?"


Off to ebay it goes! ... when I can find boxes the right size.

(There's also stuff I wouldn't want to try to package ... anyone need an old Ace Hard Rubber Comb display case? .... what WAS I thinking ....)

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Ha! I knew I had started this thread before. I need it again today.

I'm sitting here looking at my backgammon briefcase full of monopoly money from at least two monopoly games.

So I messed up at least three games to fill that briefcase!

But just as I was about to get rid of it about a month ago, I asked my husband if he wanted it and he does. So there's that.

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