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One Inch Nine Vane Cat Plus Other Big Ones!


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Okay cat's-eye lovers - my pics leave a lot to be desired (as the mibs wouldn't co-operate) but here they are. They may not look it from the pics, but I can assure you that the mibs are the size I stated. (Yes Virginia - there is a 1" nine vane)!

The three color 9 vane with 3 white vanes is 1 inch > the three color 9 vane with 3 yellow vanes is 15/16" > the 9 vane green is also 15/16".
The one incher cost me a pretty penny way back in 2004. I bought it at a Block auction and I remember the bidding was fast and furious with quite a few bidders! I have never seen another 1" and I am thrilled to have this marble in my collection! :)

A couple of other favorites from my collection - the turquoise 8 vane is 15/16" and the pretty hybrid 8 vane is 5/8".




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I believe Japan but the hybrid 8 vane sure looks Vitro doesn't it? I have a lot of the older Vitro 4, 5,and 6 vane hybrids with those colors but always thought that 6 was as high as Vitro's vane count went.

YEE HAW! I love cat's eye marble mysteries :D

Edited to add: Vitro did make some 8 vane cage style cats in the hybrid colors.

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Speaking of cat's eye mysteries, I have a bunch of vintage Vitro 4 vane lavender marbles a marble lovin' friend found for me in Indiana. He collects handmades and I collect catseyes so we trade with each other. Anyways, he found a small factory box of these cats and said that they were a one day run and VHTF if not rare.

What's different about these marbles is the lavender vanes are a cloudy lavender.and they have a very fiery opalescence. The base glass is very good quality, smooth as silk, and crystal clear. Just the lavender vanes have the cloudy fiery appearance. A few of them are also hybrid with blue on some of the lavender vanes. They are absolutely gorgeous mibs!

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Sorry about this pic. It was the best one out of the twenty or so I took! Hopefully you can see the fire.


The old note that was in the package he sent. Our conversations regarding these marbles were done by telephone or snail mail.

(Did either one of us even have the internet back then?? I doubt we did)


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My pictures suck as usual, but I sure do wish there were a lot more Vitro cats out there with this unusual structure. The colors in my three include dark to very light lavender if not white in there too.

Found them easier than I thought. This particular envelope did not include the date but these were documented as made in Parkersburg on the envelope. All the other envelopes had mid to late 80s dates with Parkersburg that were scored together with these. These were just one of the many many many great items that were sold off out of JABO after Dave left. Documented Cosmic Rainbows were in this group too

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The ones I have definitely have the Vitro vane structure. Years and years of pawing through catseyes, buying original store packaging, and studying the different vane structures, colors, glass qualities, etc. has taught me a lot.

I'll get ahold of Dick and jar his memory as to the date/year he was told they were produced. It's been 12-15 years since I purchased them from him.

Yours look very interesting. Maybe we can both get some better pics. Our cats deserve some love and recognition gosh dang it! :D

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