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National Marble Tournament Statue, 1925


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A little something I picked up yesterday. One of the 1925 National Marble Tournament trophies. It was awarded to Marie Lawley, the first girl to compete in the National Marble Tournament. Copper over plaster cast.

New York Evening Post, June 3, 1925: "A sunburned girl kneeled on the hot sands of the beach yesterday and took an American sharpshooter aim at a lone 'commie' and missed, and in doing so lost her first real chance to outdistance her boy rivals for the league leadership in the national marble tournament. She is Marie Lawley of Harrisburg, who is tied in first place in the Eastern League ..."

The sculpture was created in 1925 by Pietro Ghiloni, an Italian emigrant who worked in New York City.

There were 64 participants in the tournament. I'm pretty sure one statue was presented to each participant. I'm only aware of 5 others that still exist, and two of those have heads that have broken off.



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