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Reg'lar Fellers Marble Puzzles


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Picked up a neat little piece the other day. This is a Japanese Reg’lar Fellers Marble Puzzle with six wooden sleeves of marbles. The box measures 4 ½” x 2 ½”.

Interestingly enough, the marbles have two seams and I can see how they might even be mistaken for an odd Peltier.

Each side of the six wooden sleeves are faced with one of four marble puzzles drawn by Gene Byrnes.

There are three sheets of paper inside the box which give the solution to each puzzle. The fourth solution is glued to the top of the box lid.

The marbles all have white ribbons but have varying base colors of amethyst, emerald green, red, and cobalt blue.

Each wooden sleeve has a wooden tray which holds three marbles. The last sleeve is missing the tray unfortunately.

IMG 9037b

IMG 9039b

IMG 9040b

IMG 9042b

IMG 9045b

IMG 9046b

IMG 9047b

IMG 9048b

IMG 9049b

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I have _seen_ a couple of the boxes. Can't get enough of them. Always love to see their contents again.

Fun to see all the solutions. :)

Whenever I want to pull up a reminder of Japanese marbles I type "Fellers" into the search engine. :)

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