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Unicorns, Dragons And The Mfc Persian Oxblood


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I have posted a few marbles over the years that I thought were MFC Persian oxbloods and none of them really fit the bill. They are a simple concept, a Persian turquoise marble and a carnelian (brick) mixture. It seems plausible that they would exist seeing that MFC mixed marbles in batches. It's likely that they were error marbles and that maybe there was some carnelian left over in the pot before turquoise batch was mixed and the result of the first punty from the bottom of the pot grabbed some oxblood and mixed it in. I doubt they were an intended run or we would see more, this is the first I've seen that has actual MFC carnelian. Brian told me he found a piece of this marble type when he excavated MFC but also attributed it to an error. Maybe he will chime in. Anyway here are the pics, any opinions positive or negative are welcome. It's pictured next to another MFC HG Persian turquoise

Ps, MFC doesn't get its due respect imho....





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Might also be possible because under the right conditions at least one blue colorant I know of (cupric oxide) can also produce oxblood. But be that as it may . . .

I've wondered a lot about these too. Seems like such a natural combination of colors, somehow. Perhaps there were a few happy accidents. Looks like there were at least two, with yours and the piece Brian found!

I have long had a pale blue marble that looks like a lightly striped striped opaque, with the striping looking suspiciously like oxblood. I keep it with my tiny collection of CACs. In my more rational moments I think "Surely [don't call me Shirley] that's a mahogany brown, or something, and not oxblood . . ." or even "Well it's not exactly right, but I suppose it could be one of those Euro types . . ."

I don't know why I've never compared the blue with the blue of my one cherished Persian turquoise, bought from Alan back in the day. Probably because I keep them in separate boxes, at least 6 feet from each other. Oh well. Marble homework, oh shucks.

Can't wait to see what might turn up here. Would love to see more . . .


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Saw that one on the bay and didn't bid enough! Good thing Brian found that chunk or we may believe it was a vitro or something. Persian's were a normal production mib and see very few so not sure why this would be considered an error? Those others aren't that shabby either!

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