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Oxblood Swirl By . . .


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I've not seen an Akro with clear in it but I can guarantee I haven't seen them all.

What he said^^^

I also haven't seen oxblood associated with that tint of clear glass -- just with some greens or that icy blue that cupric oxide produces. So I'm not sure the gray/ivory transparent has anything to do with the oxblood . . .

But heck, it could have rolled out of an alien spaceship for all I know!

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Could be what I'm seeing as the amber/gray/ivory part in your marble is actually clear :dunno: ? Here area a couple oxblood patches with similar amber/gray/ivory and a bit of clear (of course not as swirly). Nice marble and you might be correct the alien spaceship landed somewhere in between :) and I agree it's usually seen with blue or green


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OK -- With those examples I see exactly what you mean. But yes, the amber/gray/ivory part is actually clear. Just very faintly tinted. Faintly enough to make me wonder if the tint was even deliberate. Maybe it wasn't.

So I went scrambling back through my marbles. Not sure why I didn't do that in the first place, but partly it was not to "contaminate" my thinking before others had a chance to suggest various things.

And that's when I realized that the closest match I had for the structure of the marble was, in fact, a favorite Alley -- with the usual transparent green taking the place of the slightly-tinted clear.

What do you think?



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