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Spreading the love. I've already posted this on AAM and LOM and am pretty sure these are Vitro. Now I'm try to figure how HTF they are. Pete on LOM has one in his private collection and says they are HTF (in that he's never seen another). I've not seen another, but then I've not been collection for the past 10 years. All comments are welcome.


Did some marble trading with a fellow collector and I put one of these cats-eyes in the trade. Then I was asked who made it. Yeah sure... smile.gif So here I am asking for help. Number of veins seems to vary. Some 4 and some 5. One and only one vein is overlayed with blue. All just over 1/2". I thought I remembered them as Vitro.




Edit:..... Forum software has changed!!! Very confused for a while.

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Alright, time to check to see if pictures post the same way after the upgrade.


Edit: no they didn't load that same way but got it.  Thanks again, Duffy.  

I _think_ I had jelly vanes with blue where the main color was white.  I definitely had (and still have) jelly vanes where the main color is blue, but a different shade of blue.



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