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New Format Continuing To Drive Me Nuts

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Oh goody!

Just had a bright red ''notification" that a couple people had 'quoted' me!

Was temporarily excited that someone felt a need to send me a 'private message',

since in the past that would be the only reason for this extra 'visual indicator'.

But No!  It was just telling me something I already knew, since I'd read the

messages hours earlier!  What brilliant use of internet bandwidth!

As long as I'm already 'going off' about 'social-media-style' stupidity, I noticed

something ridiculous about my new 'touch-screen' phone recently.

When it's done charging, it shows a message along the lines of

"Charge Complete.  Please Unplug Now To Save Energy"

Fair enough.  Unplugging it is all that's required.

But once again, Noooooooo!

There's a little 'Okay' button symbol for you to push.

I don't push it because it's entirely unnecessary.

It's only there because people today so enjoy communicating

with inanimate objects by tapping their touch-screens

all day long for no worthwhile purpose whatsoever!

I'm so happy that I'm old enough to not have to deal with

the upcoming world of robot-morons that many of our brilliant

writers were already predicting decades ago.  ( :


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And why on the main page is my topic shown as

"New Format Continuing

To D..."

when there's obviously plenty of room in the second

line to show the complete title?

The computer programming to show a complete title up

to a certain number of characters would be just as easy

as cutting it off at some random point and adding a few dots...

This is silly beyond comprehension.

It's similar to those articles you read that suddenly end, and

give you the option to click on the "show more" button in

order to read the last two words.  Are you bleeping kidding me?

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