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  1. I love this cork. At first the cork looks black, but it is really a dark translucent red.
  2. Funny. I guess my brain was wanting that last one to be an Akro so badly that it was only after you said it is probably an Alley that I also saw Alley. The swirl is way thinner, and as I looked through my Akro marbles for Akro Friday, I noticed that none of them had that type of dark blue that I thought they had. I guess I need to more comparisons. Thanks Chad!
  3. Just purchased a bag of swirls. Here are the ones that I can't ID. The first one is .69" and the last two are .70". Marble 1 has the translucent orange of an Alley. The second one is opaque white swirls in a transparent glass. I'm going to guess Alley. My guess for the last one would be an Akro with half a swirl. I can see a streak of green and a thin line of something darker. Like a hair of something. Seems like the base is clear and the white opaque glass that looks like the base is a separate stream of glass. The colored glass is translucent. So my guess is Alley, Alley, Akro. Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. This had got to be one of the most beautiful marbles I've ever seen. Must be even cooler in hand.
  5. Not a marble, but could pass as one for a giant. This is the first purchase that I made at an antique store before I even thought about collecting marbles. It reminded me of an aunty's house. She lived near the ocean and had many of these in nets hanging by her entry door until someone came and stole them. It's about the size of a volleyball and has the maker's mark on it, and of course, a huge pontil! There was another one for sale that was larger than a basketball or two, but I couldn't wrap my arms around it, and didn't really have a place for it at the time. And it was twice the cost which made the decision even easier.
  6. Ah, makes sense. Well, mine is a trinket tray now. LOL! Thanks Akroorka for the info. And thanks William for finding your photo again! (I tried, but couldn't find it!)
  7. Yes, a very pleasant one, Chad! It helps tremendously when trying to id a marble!!! Maybe now I can figure out more on my own before I ask for help. I couldn't figure out why I still couldn't ID stuff even if I had a photo example from a book sitting right in front of me. Then I realized that seeing the entire marble is so important. Even more important is having you experts who have actually seen and own these marbles to help us with the ID'ing. Nothing better than seeing it "in hand". Thanks!!!!😊
  8. Ah, you could be right there on the Jabo. In the second photo I see a fold that looks kind of like a turkey. And if I remember correctly, Jabos sometimes look like they have turkeys. Thanks Akroorka!
  9. Thank you akroorka! As I keep looking at the fourth one, I'm realizing that the slight waves that I am seeing on the yellow could be from a bit of black coming through. At first I thought that the two colors were mixing, but now I'm thinking that the yellow is a veneer over the black. On Joemarbles.com I saw an opaque black marble listed under Master Marbles. So maybe it is like having that black marble with a yellow veneer over it. So I'm leaning Master Comet as well. Thanks again everyone! You are keeping my brain thinking!
  10. Hah! I didn't realize that when I click on a marble on Joemarbles.com 3 different views appear!
  11. Thanks Chad. Sounds good. I appreciate everyone's input!!!
  12. Too bad there aren't any books out there that print photos of marbles from different angles. That is why Marble Connection is so awesome. We get to see everyone's marbles back, front, and side to side. Or, should I say seam to seam.👍
  13. Thanks, Chad. I'llhavethat1 said the same. I guess 2 will have to be "akro or MFC". Would it be safe to say that the first two are slags?
  14. Wait... but peerless patches have that seam too, right? I can see both Akro and Peltier.
  15. The flatter seam reminds me of akro though.
  16. Here are the two oranges. The orange looks "akro". But, the patch does look "peerless" in shape.
  17. The orange in the second one looks kind of like a corkscrew that I have. Its a really rich orange. It looks really cool with the black. Both colors are opaque.
  18. Thank you, I'llhavethat1! I'm making it even harder because I couldn't get the right lighting. It's very dreary outside so I needed to use a lamp. Lots of shadows. It would be great if the 2nd is an MFC. I was thinking Alley on the 3rd because the yellow looks kind of like an Alley that I already have, but the swirls looked a little different. Thanks again!
  19. I think it was William who posted that trinket tray in orange that made me think of autumn so I've been on the hunt for one of those ever since. Couldn't find the orange one, but I found a blue one like yours a couple of days ago. 👍
  20. Thanks William! It's been a while since I've found one of those that I had forgotten "peerless". 🥴 I've got a long ways to go.😝
  21. Here's another bunch. I'm thinking 1 and 2 are Akro, and 3 and 4 are The 2nd has extra lighter pics. Number None of them glow. (Maybe I'll be a little more successful this time. But always happy to be wrong when it comes to learning something.) Sorry for the ton load of pics. Thanks!
  22. Thanks Bruce! Is a PPP a Peltier Patch? If so, what is the extra P? Sorry. Still quite beginning. LOL.
  23. I'm thinking first 3 are Akro and the last one is Master. Wondering how many I got correct. 😬(Sizes are .63, .61, .62, and .61). The last pic are of the seams I cut off from the 1st and 3rd marbles. Thank You!
  24. LOL! I think this reply is for me. I get so confused sometimes. Sorry William. I forget that everyone receives all the posts when the topic is followed. I need to get in the habit of quoting or using the name of the person I'm responding to. 🥴👍
  25. Love them all, especially the one on the right in the first pic and in pic 2 and 3. Is that a clown? Such delicious eye-candy!
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