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Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?


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So, I bought the one on the left as Alley.

The one on the right was just called a WV swirl.

But I grabbed the one on the right up because I thought it matched the one on the left... am I right that they're both the same company? (One on left has more of a wet glossy look, right one is worn & chipped a bit) 

And is the ID of Alley correct? 

I really love these colors together. Was told VHTF?

Can anyone tell me anything about these?











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If sizes might help, they're both about 5/8" (the one on the right is actually a hair smaller, reading 39/64" on that one).

Thanks for all your thoughts so far everyone :D At this point, looks like these will go to whatever next show I end up at with me, get eyes on them in hand. 

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Ding ding ding!!!

I think we have a winner???

Friend of mine was able to find a photo he had -- (pic used with permission!)



Whaddy'all think? Looks like a bit of a second color sneaking into that swirl there, but besides that... looks dead on to me!

Now trying to find out more about them, interested in learning whatever info there is -- what year? Some kind of special run? Is there a name? 

Any Jabo experts floating around the forum here?

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Any possibility that the one on the right is actually a different maker than the one on the left? 🤔 (maybe older? explaining the wear?)

I think the left one looks most like the Jabo pic, and the more I look at these pictures of them, the more different they start to look! 🤣 Or is my brain really trying too hard?!

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