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  1. Sad news indeed. I corresponded with her on some French marbles a couple of years back. A lovely lady and a great loss.
  2. That's a shame. I bought a few from them when I was starting out.
  3. A sad loss. Sincerest condolences to friends and family.
  4. These are beautiful - I don't think I would have I'D many of them as Heaton. The more I learn the more I realise how little I know.
  5. Colours do look very vitro - I'd edge that way
  6. I'm pretty sure it's Jabo.
  7. West Virginian Swirl is as close as I get. I don't think it's a Peltier either.
  8. If in doubt I go Akro, and with lack of any characteristic traits towards one of the other slag makers... 😊
  9. I agree with Steph - some of these older 'Imperial' are attractive marbles.
  10. 90% certain it's a Vitro Cat
  11. ManofKent


    I'd lean transistional on that last photo
  12. ManofKent

    Doctor Who

    I grew up with Dr Who (Tom Baker was 'my Doctor'), and was glad to see the relaunched series, but found it got too silly over the past few seasons. I tried the new series with low expectations, but was really impressed. It felt much more like the Doctor Who of my childhood than any of the recent seasons.
  13. Have a great Christmas to those that celebrate and an equally great few days to those that don't.
  14. Agreed on Master for first two. Last one could be a misformed Master, or WV swirl of a few companies.
  15. Are we positive they're USA and not French?
  16. I'm clueless with those but they look vintage
  17. Thanks to all - I'd have been lost without this great resource and community (possibly better off but still 😉).
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