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Remember Playing Chinese Checkers, Aggrevation, Hungary Hiippos...


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We have a fun evening of marble board games planned


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 | 6-9PM


It’s time to find your marbles! Bring your friends and family 18+ to enjoy a marble-ous evening of games, snacks, and drinks. Visit the museum’s special exhibit, Playing for Keeps, and learn how to knuckle down in a regulation-size marble ring. Play a variety of marble games (Hungry Hungry Hippos, anyone?) and enjoy marbled ice cream, cake, and nostalgic snacks. $5 general admission. Free for museum members and with a UMKC ID.


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I took over 90 games to the museum this week end. spend several hours setting up (and playing with a few, like Bomber Ball where a paper airplane dropped marble bombs on cardboard ships in the enemy harbor.

Found several versions of Ker Plunk, Flippin Chicken, Tumble Tower, Rocket Launch.

This has been great fun.


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