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Marble lot for sale but I’m weary to buy...

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Hi all , someone is selling these on instagram, they claim to be vintage and the location is two hours away. Do you think these look vintage or more like the newer Vacor Marbles that are around nowadays. Any help would be appreciated, I would hate to take a four hour round trip to the location to be disappointed. Thankyou, for any tips ! Stephen 


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Some of them look like Vacor.  The blue and yellow ones left of center look Vacor ... or Asian.  Modern and foreign anyway.

The ones to the right of that look mostly vintage.  Not exciting though.  

I'm not seeing a reason for a four hour trip.  

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That $5 each bowl is full of Vacors.   

The black and white swirly marbles to the right of the red and white ones ... yesterday I thought they might be vintage ... today they look Vacor.

One of the jars is full of super cheap foreign cat's eyes -- the kind that some people throw away.

I think I see one actual bumblebee in the $18 jar but it's mixed in with some newer ones.

Basically, the majority of those marbles are not vintage.  And the vintage marbles are mostly commons. I'll spend more than a dollar on a bumblebee because I like them so much and don't come across a lot.  But I wouldn't drive two hours do do it.  


Keep looking. You'll find something worth jumping at.


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Steph thankyou for ripping through these lots , so keen !  I'm in agreement , No road trip for me this weekend . I'm so glad I found this forum and to be able to get input from informed and helpful people like yourself. I'll post photos of some other marbles I've recently collected for ID soon. Thankyou !!

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