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Real or Fake?

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Real bag or Fantasy bag?  If real, this is the most awesome bag contents I've ever seen.  If fake, I just wonder why someone would take the time to do this and risk dinging up those nice marbles.  The texture of the photo actually looks identical to the real old marble king ads (if that makes any sense at all).   I see Akro eggyolk oxbloods, premium type Peltier marbles and alley's.  What do you see?? 




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As far as I know that is a real advertisement from the 1950's.  

I have two theories -- Berry Pink selling new old stock while waiting for his own product to be ready to go.  Or, with the new marbles not ready yet, someone just reached for whatever pretty marbles they could find in order to get an attractive picture to entice buyers with. 

The Pelts and Alleys were natural for Berry Pink to have on hand.  And he did sell them under his Marble King brand.  The Akros are the mystery.



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