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Who is Marbleized--My Intro.

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Hi Everyone,  First of all, I'd like to thank all of you in advance for allowing me to read your posts to learn about marbles.  Just wanted to share a little about me, since there was a spot on the menu to do so.  I got started in January 2019 after doing a symbolic purge to get ready for a new phase in life--retirement.  I came across a bag of marbles that I had, nothing great, mainly cat-eyes that were probably made in Japan.  But, I'm like a raccoon,  drawn to things that are shiny.  I put them in a jar and then I became hooked.  I started to look around on eBay, where I still get most of my marbles since vintage marble sales are pretty bleak where I live. Anyway, I swear that I still buy according to how something looks and not how collectible it is.  I do want to kick up my knowledge level a few notches--actually a ton of notches and go beyond just being able to identify the common Akro corkscrews and Peltier rainbos.  So that's my story.  If I sound ignorant about something I'm hoping someone will enlighten me.  Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving!

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