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Hello fellow Mibsters,

 I've already posted this in "General Marble Glass Chat" thread "Akro Friday" when the going gets tough around here the tough get goin, or when life gives you lemons make sushi. Recently on the weather it said we have the "pineapple express" headed our way again. When it floods around here often this is what happens in the PNW. A YouTube vid. of the Skokomish river about 70 mi. north of my local. Though I have seen the same right here, with the fish often getting stranded in hay fields & so forth after the flood water recede. That's why I call this "Gone" fishin, no more makin fun of all the rain around here or everyone having web feet. Enjoy !! Oh I almost forgot, I live in the rain soaked Washington State, where we don't tan we rust. This is the only place in the U.S. there is a " Danger"  "Slow fish crossing" road sign on the highway !! 



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There's a couple places culverts go under the roads ( the salmons normal route ) that get plugged and the fish have to get upriver so, up, over & across the road they go. The Skokomish river is 70 -  80 mi. north of me but has become infamous for this event. It happens around here quite often also,  just not nearly as much as the Skokomish. There are 6 rivers within 25 miles of where I live here in Longview, the Columbia, Cowlitz, Kalama, Coweeman, Lewis, and Elochoman rivers all have substantial salmon & steelhead runs. The first time I seen the event I was in grade school 6 miles away  from where I live now in Oregon state where I grew up.. There was a creek ( Fox Creek ) that went through a culvert under the road next to our baseball field, the culvert got plugged during a flood that just happened to coincide with the salmon run and here came the fish going upstream out across the flooded  baseball field, quite the sight for a little tike. They have no other choice, time is short for them & they have to get to their spawning grounds "no matter what the obstacle" you would not believe the height of the falls & fast speed of the water I've seen both Salmon & Steelhead traverse, the highway shot is nothing to them, look how fast they get across, they're only in second gear.



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