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Chad G.

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A Friend of mine had this game for a long time, well used I just can't resist these old indestructible games. There are newer ones but this is one of the first, as soon as it came in the mail I ran a good 20 or 30 mibs through it just for good measure, missing a little paint on the outside but well preserved on the playing surface. I can imagine how may smiles and hours of fun this brought to many a youngsters face. Simpler times and treasured memories. No drool on the PC screen here, I play these games one reason I prefer these to an old new stock example, all you can do is look at them ?? These have actual History behind them, not sitting on a dusty old shelf for years, just a personal preference, I am after all a child at heart 👨‍👦 My body has grown old but my mind always goes back to the best of times.



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They have new repros of these Steph ?? they're one of the better made toys I believe from 05 or so.  If I had another I would send it to ya !! Understandably yes I did have to wait a while to get one just like the one I had as a kid. They did make an earlier model, but I haven't seen one for years, people tend to hang onto things that last as long as these old toys. More pride in quality & manufacturing then, not the slap together, disposable world we live in now. Didn't mean all over by common just that they made a bunch of these, they probably made it through the childhood of the original owner and were thrown out by the parents ?? Not meaning to get under anybody's skin with the "common" remark !! It maybe all the good memories that made it seem common to me ??

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"Thank you Steph" come to think of it I have been waiting a while for an older one.

The 05 & 06 repros look a little different in color and design and are made by "Rocket" instead of "Wolverine" 

note: one of the Wolverine is "base ball" and ones "basket ball" are a bit different but both share the same name ??


A newer "Rocket" games version !!


"Wolverine even made a plastic version !!


This ones Identical to the one I got !!

Original 1930's version, same as mine except for the color, guess I did luck out !!


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