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Hi, it must have been years ago since I 've been around here last time. You might ask what I did meanwhile ...

Well, here is the answer: A marble run in a frame - in a 10" by 10" RIBBA frame (made by IKEA Sweden and it seems they renamed it recently to SANNAHED).

After more than two years of tinkering with the entrance and exit section of the spiral lifter (quite unusual geometry due to rather restricted space) I finally managed to get the thing to work - fully and reliably. The marbles are a bit smaller than 1/2" and two of them can pass each other inside the tight space between front glas and back wall. My RIBBA is plain old using a glas front, later models seem to have a plastic sheet instead of glas. Due to the glas I use a magnetic switch arrangement to control the power to the lifter.



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