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newbie here making my case

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my name is Scott and i am very happy i have found this forum...i have navigated the site and some of the marbles i have seen are miniature pieces of glass art...i hope to gain some knowledge since i have just started to pay attention to this hobby...i am a knife person myself but i have come across some nice marbles lately that have peaked my interest so here i am...thanks for having me and ttyl...LPAHG (love peace and hair grease)

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"Welcome to Marble Connection Scott"     :wave2:

     Glad to have you, many years of knowledge and knowledgeable people here more than willing to help you on your marble journey. There is a search  bar on the upper right hand side if you wish to pursue any particular subject. I see you collect knives also ??  I collect them to, or have in the past, lots of older Schade, Imperial, Buck etc.. my hunting days are about over but I still have plenty of reminders again "Welcome"

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Hey Scott, welcome aboard. There's lots of good stuff here. If you like knives and marbles you'll want to check these out . . .

On 2/4/2022 at 11:55 AM, hdesousa said:


IMG_3638 (2).JPG

On 2/11/2022 at 11:36 AM, hdesousa said:

Here's an interesting Akro box where someone carved a niche for a pocketknife under the wooden header. image.thumb.png.15f14af559808c47642bce0bcbd0ee79.pngimage.thumb.png.6c848d353745c68270f3050c75977c87.png


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A most hardy welcome thephunkfreaker.
Post what you like and do not be afraid.

The folks here have seen it all---well almost all. There is no judgment to be made—just opinions.
I love this stuff!

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                                                                                   Some hunting knife history to take a gander at.


                                    LINK:  https://www.fieldandstream.com/story-behind-americas-first-hunting-knife/#:~:text=


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