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Just for fun !

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4 hours ago, mibcapper said:

were put out in boxed sets and i foolishly let go 2 i had ....... bill

Thanks for straightening me out on that Bill, just curious what role these bags played in the production, limited #'s  ?? I have no idea ?? All I got from the AAM post is that these were some of the first ones to roll out ??


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20 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

Dave got it right away. This didn’t last long.

Cool 😎 i seen them in my cat eye book ,theses books were sold out but there is more copy’s for sale now ,here is a pic of the book 



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I have the bag from the first one but not the second one. I have the first runbag and just marbles from the second run. I got these from the late Mike Barton/MigBar. 



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