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Vitro aquamarine?


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That's a great Vitro Aquamilk, Melissa! Just FYI, there is a wide range of variation in this type of Vitro. In the most sought after examples of Aquamarines that yellow turns to brown and will cover most or all of the white. Then if it gets a good Vitro "V" or a twist in it and some added Vitro oxblood you've got yourself one heck-of-a marble!

Here's a big Aquamarine variant with lots of brown/amber transparent - a bit weak on the aqua though.


Here are some more Aquamarine variants . . . with an Aquamilk like yours in the middle row, left of center.


And finally, here are a couple of more Aquamilks like yours.


They're all great Vitros and I'll grab every one I can get!


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2 hours ago, Melissa said:

@Ric thanks for the info. Those are beautiful marbles. I’m glad I have one now. :)

Ha! I just realized that the Aquamilk on the left in the last photo is the same marble as the one in the group of Aquamarines. lol

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