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11 minutes ago, Ric said:

So it's an Onyx then.

Not sure Ric, it says an onyx has a "white" opaque spiral   image.png.429d84ec4532c5cb31e0cf293ac533d4.png ?? I'm a bit confused myself, that being the reason why I posted the definition ??

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6 hours ago, Mojo said:

Name of this type of Corkscrew please 


I would call this one a "Very Nice" corkscrew. 
If all of the corkscrews had names we would all be befuddled🤪
The yellow egg-yolk color is just killer--the base--well I have seen the likes of these with a "Root-Beer” colored base which are top notch in my arena.
Just be glad that not all marbles carry a name—some are just--- ”Very Nice”.

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