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Vacor De Mexico


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10 hours ago, TheVacorFan said:

Wow, I've never seen THAT much coverage on a Cardinal before... You have some amazing examples, would you mind telling where you got them?

I bought them in the Town I Live in, Santa Maria, Calif. GW Shop 

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A few minutes ago, I gave some Caterpillars a wipe-down.


The difference is less noticeable than with the Panda 2s.


The shooters from the green sack...


And the sacks I keep the players in. I should find a good spot to practice shooting.


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Since my old photo editing app decided to slap a watermark with its logo on my photos (and have the gall to insist that I "go premium" to remove it), I'm testing out some new apps. And what better test subject than random marbles?



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12 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

“I love ugly  marbles”

Size always matters--this one matters for sure.


1 hour ago, Fire1981 said:

Someone blinked 🔥


I blinked---many times---


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