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Green swirl with AV


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I've never seen this type of AV on any old maker other than Alley and Heaton. Before recent digs, it was only Alley (proving that we can't use the presence of this type of AV as solid proof of maker). I don't recognize this marble as a known type so it comes down to other traits. The marble doesn't look Alley to me. It looks Cairo at first glance and really if it didn't have all that AV I would have suggested Cairo as a maker. It may be but I would want a closer and more thorough look at it, trying to be sure it's not Alley. I'm assuming its around 5/8".

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11 hours ago, cheese said:

The syrupy greenish tinted base glass, the pattern of the white, the quality of the glass, and the bubbles. Here are some Cairos to compare to:






You're amazing!!! Info is awesome ty

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