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Vitro ...goldfish... Kewl Shooter


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Ive had this one for sometime and have been told this is a Vitro Goldfish ......Cute name eh :) ..its just over 7/8ths in size my pics do this marb no justice ......in hand it makes you think Golden Rebel but washed with no adven. , Anyone want to say Peltier"? :) ......and for the jabo lovers sorry it was made way back when i was nothing but a seed potato.....






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WHOOOOAAA.........A SCREAM'N............ 7/8th inch Yellow Veneered Vitro !!!!!!!

I would have thought OPAQUE all the way on that one !!!!

HEY....."SAMI SOSA COME'N BACK " !!!!!!!!!!!!!

RAR..........thanx for your PICS !!!! :D

DOH...........I missed that nice little RED GILL on your GOLDFISH (2nd Pic)!!!

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I found this thread going through Scoops "Just Curious". Guess I missed it when it was new. I have a vitro original bag of those. They are in assorted colors in the bag. Also come in red, blue, green, and you can see a "V" in each one of them. All shooter size. Edna

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Al, mine is packed away too. I'll have to get Weldon to look in the packed away bags. The marbles look like what I'm talking about, but I don't recall the details of the bag. Got ours in West Virginia at an antique store in Ritchie county. They had several and we bought one for Randy Gossett too. Edna

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