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There actually seems to be two(maybe 3) types of of multi-colored swirls. The true ones(to me) which are the reversing cork ying yand like the individuals I show but with more colors. and twisted up NLRs and twisted up Rainbos or tweeners. These usually show remnents of one or two seams while the True ones have no seams at all. Just what I think I see(LOL). I have gotton nice MCSs in groups of multi-colored rainbos and it was too obvious they were from the same run. Just twisted uo. Heck it probably is the case with the true ones also (just twisted accidentally) but they sure are sweet. I trade mine to add to this group of a friend. Peace,Galen




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craig, those two older style w/superman colors are outttttttttttttttt staaaaaaaaaaanding, have you looked at the 2 of myn i posted(their supergirls, theres pink in mine lol) they have a taste of how your two are constructed ?


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