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Akro #250 Box


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I would feel better with another opinion before I add this to my original packaging list.

Anyone here think any of these mibs look "wrong"? Or a-okay, regulation Akro all the way?

post-279-1184709983_thumb.jpg post-279-1184709994_thumb.jpg post-279-1184710003_thumb.jpg post-279-1184710073_thumb.jpg

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Okay then. Not in the list! Thanks. There's already at least one #250 box anyway. This one would have been a bonus.

The shooters on the left are the ones which seem most wrong to me. You too?

I'm having my doubts about the top row of smaller ones, but it's those shooters which started me worrying.

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Steph, the shooters don't look right to me either. The smaller marbles look like moss agates. Have you tried a black light on them? Some of the little ones don't look right either. I' m writing about the top row of small marbles on each side. Edna

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Thanks Edna.

Not my marbles. These were on eBay about three months ago.

Most of the small ones look good. Mossy like you say. And some of the shooters look okay. Maybe on the plain side yet sort of like the Paul Bunyans Al showed in a bag which had the note attached saying they had come from Akro. (Here's Al's bag.)

But some of them ... The blue and yellow shooters remind me of post-1990 Marble Kings, and off the top of my head I'd guess Vacor on the red/yellow ones. If they are, someone had a lot of brass pawning them off as Akros. They would have had to look around to find the matched sets of modern shooters with a sort of Akro look. Man! If I'd even contemplated backfilling a box that way, I would have lost my nerve long before I managed to complete the set.

The top row of small ones look like they might be from China, even the translucent ones. maybe.

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