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Links: Early Machine Mades


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Oct. 2010: Thinking about starting this one over.


Would Love To See Pictuures Of Slag Marbles, studying marbles '101'

Leaving the old links for now:

Some early machine mades:

(see also slags, bricks and swirls by maker in the Company pages)

Various examples and discussions:

Clueless About Slags (includes a discussion of slags vs. transparent swirls)

Green Brick??



Slags.................!!!, All of 'Dem..........!!!

Three To Id (Peach slag(s) in Post #5.)

Red Slags (skads of 'em)


Really Bad Picture, But, What Are They?? (comparison to German marbles)

Single Seam Slag Or Striped Transparent ???, 3/4" CA

cool slag...

Hand-Gathered Red Slag, opinions on manufacturer please

Pretty Purple Slags!

Wild Green Slag

I am looking for......:-) Anyone got any? PLEEEASE

Dear Penthouse; I picked up this little hottie the other

Here is for Liz (LOL!!!)

slags of a color, 2 color slags

Peach Slag ??? (Post #10 has a huge assortment in one photo for color comparisons)


sweet 1" blue slag


Evil Eye 9

CAC Slag? (unusual green shade, and tan)

Onyx Marbles (Slags)

Beautiful Green Slags


Beer Slags

Wanted: Dead But Preferably Alive

Hand-Gathered Red Slag, opinions on manufacturer please

Id please.. CAC Slag?

Happy St.Patrick's Day

S'more Slags........!!!, The Orange and Pinkish are W.V.'s

Slag Chaos, heres why ID'ing is tough! (discussion about makers of vaseline glass slags)

My Slags To The 9's Opinions & Info Wanted, Akro, Christensen, Peltier???

Light Lavender Mfc Slag

Show Us Your Slags With Oxblood!


AKRO PEACH BRICK (the photo which started the thread appears to have been replaced with another; however, there is another photo on the 3rd page)

I want to know more about Bricks. please..

Questions on 2 Beat up Bricks?

White Brick

Is this a brick

Found This One In A Pile Of Bricks, WARNING: This post contains extreme eye candy! (Am I seeing that blood agate is a recently coined name for a special variety of MFC brick?)

badger bricks:-)

eyes to the brick pavement:-)

Some New Pavers

Cool Brick, Onion with avent., PLUS an oddball I found on my lab bench

??? Brick ???

??? Whats This ??? # 1 (green brick aka moss agate)

A Brick Is A Brick Is A Brick


swirls swirls and more swirls

A few more marbles (briefly addresses the usage of the catch-all phrase "West Virginia swirl")

Marbles See Better When They Have Eyes

German Corkscrew, (well, sort of)

Hot Euro Flame

Wirepulls (not sure if these are all vintage):


Ebay plug...ends soon(not mine but not bidding), flamey slag, limeade...etc (pix in post #9, preceding conversation is cute)

Does anyone have pics of a "wire Pull" marble?? (some of the images are vintage wirepulls, and some are modern Vacor)

All That Glitters Is Not Gold...., ...Or Aventurine Or Lutz....


Note: Some so-called "transitionals" are actually handmades, as noted in the first link below:

How Do I Tell The Difference? Transitionals

The following links have not been double-checked for content or even to see if they are still there. Neither have the links in the other categories above. I'm just starting to think about revamping this page. I've been inspired by the simple yet informational transitional thread link I just posted. I've learned a lot since I first made these links. More threads have been posted. And to some extent what is considered "common knowledge" has changed. Any thread recommendations will be welcome. Thanks.

Color-base Variation

Web Page About Japanese Pinch Pontil Marbles

Anxiously Awaiting Red Transitionals

Single Ground, Faceted Pontil Marble

Ebay Plug - Ending Sunday April 29th, Transitionals, Handmades & more! (half green, half amber)

Please Check Your Orange/purple Corkscrews

Red And White Transitionals

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