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Links: Alley Agate


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Note: LOM in front of a link indicates that the linked page is hosted by LandOfMarbles.com. MM indicates a link at Marble Mental. KC is the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club. Akron is AkronMarbles.com. WWW will direct you elsewhere on the world wide web.

Alley Agate Company (1929-1949)

See also: the Alley section of Links: Original Packaging.

Special discussions and displays:

Marbles From The Sistersville Alley Site

Alley, Alley, Oxen Free....

Interesting Marble (Very!)

One Of These Is Different., Five are from the same company

MM: ALLEY AGATE COMPANY - 3rd Article in the Series!

LOM: Couldn't resist this one. (a history lesson in post #14 & post #26)

Unusual Aventurine? (historical discussion)

Marble Id Help, White base w/blue swirl (Ravenswood vs. Alley)

Note about Alley sample case in Vitro collection:

LOM: Vitro Book Questions




Baby Blue


Just A Show Take A Peek, " da ole cigar box strikes again " (superman/superboy colors)

Wvs Stumper


What Wvs Company Did This?, I gave up my wishful thinking on CAC (most of the pix are gone, but as of the time of this writing there is a great flame in post #11, and post #8 has an explanation of a case of mistaken identity that occasionally arises in connection with the famous Alley sample case)

Alley Agate Mailman (very dendritic pattern there)

Ca, I Assume?

Alley Flames A Question Please.

Very Busy Little Marble! Not Sure Who Madeit!


I Am Thinking Vitro, what do you think?

WWW: ALLEY PATCHES! (Paula Cole's website)



Have No Idea As To What This Is, But I believe it has Oxblood on the surface (Horsehair)

Oxblood?, Akro?, WVS (if so, which Co.?)? (most of the pix are gone, but there's a nice swirl in post #7)

Never Seen One Of These Before, NEED AN I.D. PLEASE (braided! cool!)


Id Marble Help Please

I Love This One.

Unusual Aventurine?


Interesting Marble

Tater Bugs:

Alley Taters

Other named Alleys:

Ghost Marble

Alley's Blue Skies And Blush Lines, Honoring Alley's Blue Lady


Alley Agate Peewees 3/8 Or Smaller--one Or More Of Each

Mosaic Marbles, Pressman

Who Made These Patches?, Rosenthal box (whether they are alley or not, there are peewee alley patches which these resemble)


Alley Or Ravenswood?


Interesting Marble

Alley Picture Gallery:

Mostly Pix - Alley

Mostly Pix - Pressman


Been awhile since I edited this thread. I'm just adding this link down here as a nice example without figuring out which category it should go in.

Alley Or C.a.?

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